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Concentrate of bioactive compounds for use in cosmeto- logy, pharmacy and for production of diet supplements.

Linfix is a water solution of a preparation from flax seedcakes. It contains large amounts of phenylpropanoid compounds, thus it is cha- racterized by anti-inflammatory and anti- oxidative properties, and thanks to the con- tent of cannabidiol, also analgesic properties*.


Composition and parameters:

- lignans (SDG) - (58,7 mg/g)

- p-coumaric acid - (71,5 mg/g)

- ferulic acid - (156,6 mg/g)

- other phenolic compounds - (51,5 mg/g)



The preparation should be stored at 3-8 °C.


  Side effects

No side effects of the preparation were observed. In the case of an allergic reaction (redness of the skin, itching, swelling) medical consultation is advised.


  Directions for use

Linfix is used as the activator of Lenplast flax dressings in the third stage of the treatment with wound dressings.


* Zuk M, Kulma A, Dyminska L., Szołtysek K, Prescha A J Hanuza J, Szopa J Flavonoid engineering of flax potentiate its biotechnological application. BMC Biotechnology 2011,11,10.